A Little Christmas Spice

Kristin Chenoweth

The 12 Men of Christmas

Every once in a while I crave a little girl time, the shamlessly, unadulterated and indugently pink kind.  If my husband has his man cave (three stall garage complete with couch and tv, blessed by yours truly) then I cling to some last vestiges of feminity in a modern world: romance novels, chick movies, and once in a blue moon, Lifetime television.   Yes, you heard me, Lifetime – known jokingly by some as the channel for women who hate men.   But amid the disparagement I found a gem.  The 12 Men of Christmas, aired during the month of Falalala Lifetime so you have time for reruns, was a bit witty and charming, a little like New in Town starring Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. but actually watchable.   Yes, it’s predictable and formulaic, and there are moments of sketchy acting but somehow it succeeds by riding on the sexual tension and amusing repartee between Kristin Chenowith’s character EJ and  Will (Josh Hopkins).   I enjoyed it, mostly because I’ve ascribed to the “don’t watch, just indulge” mindset.   I liked the snappy character of EJ – she’s sassy and well, being likewise, I’m an admirer of tarty women.  So don’t be a grinch and partake in some girlish fun.   Analyzing is the enemy of enjoyment.  Just watch it for what it is and in the least, indulge in the men.

Why hello . . .

12 Men of Christmas Calendar


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