Color Me Therapeutic

From my brain’s point of view, living amid blue is like taking a pretty little pill.  Except, of course,  it’s not a drug, at least not in the common sense.  Color therapy is amazing because its simple, and as evidenced by anyone who’s spent time around their favorite hue, it works.  Even simply gazing at colors changes our emotional reflections.  Think about it, or better yet, picture it.

Red, the color of power and excitement, is raw energy, sexual, primitive.  According to a study by the University of Rochester, women who wear scarlet are more likely to be asked out on a date.  How easy is that, right?

Yellow, on the other hand, conjures up happiness.  Serotonin levels actually increase when we see something sunny.

And blue?  It’s the favored color by men (at least when not on the prowl) and some studies suggest it helps weight lifters bench more ( I think there may be some connection here, guys.)  But all joking aside, blue is a great color with which to surround yourself, especially if your endeavors lean toward the right brain.

From lapis lazuli to turquoise, the peaceful hue bolsters creativity – a boon to any writer – and it also symbolizes calm.  So, the next time you’re tempted to throw you’re manuscript across the room shouting, “It’s certifiable crap!” maybe you’ll take breather instead.  Or maybe that’s just me . . .

I’m revamping my home office right now with this theory of tranquility in mind.  Currently the walls are taupe – as insisted by my ever practical husband – the floor is neutral, and the old wooden desk in the corner is a dull, scuffed brown.  It hardly inspires my imagination, much less that zen feeling I seek.  So, what’s a colorful girl to do in a blah world?  Paint.

But I’m facing a rather large obstacle.  I’m trying to decorate the room without painting the walls and the main reason is because I’m capricious.  I can’t commit to just one color.  Given the last few months I’ve been asking myself, “Should it be bonny lake or song bird?  Or maybe oceanside?  Or what about violet?  Violet inspires.”

Ha.  Given my track record of painting my old bedroom some five or so times, you can see my reticence.  So I’m all about the decor.  Painting the desk?  Check.  Painting some blue artwork?  Oh yeah.  And the more I search, the more I find.  I’m loving this stunningly beautiful peacock hue.  In fact, I’d like to splash that blue color all over the room.

(Attribution: By Dickelbers (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons)

And if that’s not enough, I can peruse this wonderful book, Blue: The History of a Color, something I will have to add to my all blue bookshelf.

Tell me what you think.  Do you have a blue obsession you’d like to share?  Or better yet, a blue room?  If not, perhaps you’ll want to get inspired.  Head over to House of Turquoise and indulge.  The collection of blue rooms on that blog is incredible.

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