Daily Archives: March 26, 2010

Adjusting the Writer’s Brain

One way to beat woolgathering – listen to the dead!  Don’t laugh.  I’m actually serious here.  Whenever stress creeps up and I get writer’s malaise, my no fail approach is to commiserate with other writers, preferably with those come and gone.  It’s easier when they don’t respond to my complaints. That way I don’t have to either.   

When you can’t stomach your own work one more second, or are in the process of editing:

“To begin with, [writing a book] is a toy and an amusement.  Then it become a mistress, then it becomes a master, then it becomes a tyrant.  The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling it into the public.”  – Winston Churchill

Writing can feel like a mental illness.  It’s great to know torture is a normal part of the process. 

When rejection and doubt hinder your creativity:

“I think I may boast myself to be, with all possible vanity, the most unlearned and uninformed female who ever dared to be an authoress.”  – Jane Austen

Even the most lauded authors had doubts. 

On blank screens:

“Many times I just sit there for three hours with no ideas coming to me.  But I know one thing: if an idea does come between nine and twelve, I am there ready for it.”  – Flannery O’Connor

As in, sit your ass down and write.  Or don’t.  I’m off to do that right now.

Georgian Word of the Day:  Banyan

Not to be confused with the tree, a fig, a men’s vest worn in India, or a certain type of alternative rock band.  The banyan I’m referring to is a loose kimono-type robe influenced by Persian and Asian clothing.  In the 18th century, men would wear a banyan over their shirts and breeches while they were relaxing at home.  Although it is referred to as a robe, it is not for sleeping.