Spring into Reflection

As I write this, a soft, spring breeze flutters through my open window.  I am drinking riesling so cold it sweats against my glass, a much needed departure from the bold reds of winter.  On the deck, the sound of a bamboo chime rustles in a restless, hollow tune.  I listen to the birds tweet, the frogs croaks near the pond, and of this moment, I know a simple, singular thought: there is nothing but right now.

Except the blooms. 

Beyond my storied windows, the rains have greened the grass.  Buds swell from bushes, plump and heavy and hopeful.   After a long and miserable winter, tiny red shoots of  peonies stretch toward the sun.  Down in the garden, irises cluster while hyacinths preen, the first to put on a show.  A week or two from now, the flowering trees holding court in my yard will burst into pink and frosty blooms and I will sit here with a stupid grin on my face, wondering, was spring always this great? 

I watch my boston, Josie, roll around in the lawn and I can’t help but think: my dog knows this answer better than I do.

2 thoughts on “Spring into Reflection

  1. Beautifully written words to describe your spring! I too wait with baited breath to hear the loud croak of the tree and bullfrogs outside our kitchen windows…bats swoop and dive at sunset but the loons I’m told have re-migrated back to the lake across the rode have yet to hearld their return with calls. Maybe I should ask Josie? 🙂

    1. You’re cute, Ab. I’m sure Josie would know :). She’s been chasing the ducks and geese, quite certain that she will eventually find a way to run across the pond. She’s yet to go toe to toe with the wild turkey lurking around the backyard – a good thing. The turkey would win.

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