Daily Archives: April 29, 2010

I am a bumblebee

And I have fallen off the petal and into the dirt.

My hubby’s preparing for trial, I’m filling in at the office, and I haven’t gathered enough nuts to really write in days.  On the upside, I have managed to sneak in a few moments to read this wonderful  book that should screw my head back on straight.

The general idea is this: women are ridiculousy busy and if as a writer you require an hour or more to even considering setting your foot into the writing mood, how in the hell are you gonna get anything done?

My sentiments exactly.  The number 1 problem I have with my writing life is not only the general lack of time between chores and other necessities, but the mindset of being creative for small blips of time.  It’s sort of like being rushed to eat chocolate.  I don’t think I’ll be able to properly enjoy it.

But alas, I am determined to make a go of those weeks where time is my priciest commodity.  I have already edged into this zone  by writing before bed instead of picking up a steamy novel, which of course creates an insomniatic monster because once I start I simply cannot stop.   I must admit, those moments are worth hearing Josie and my hubby snore in sync though.

So I’m gonna take Barbara DeMarco-Barrett’s advice.  While dinner’s cooking, the laundry’s a-washing, I’ll resist organizing my spice drawer.  I’ll write until my pen’s on fire (I just love that title!)

P. S.  Jodi Picoult wrote eleven books in eleven years using a similar method. And she’s married with children.  And she writes quality fic.  Seriously, I bow down to this woman.

Interested in the book?  Buy here.