Florida, Here I Come!

May has been a rather rotten month blog-wise.  Too much sunny weather and not enough writing.  The garden beckons, the dog begs for a walk, and somewhere in between work and sleep and taking care of my DH, I pencil in some time to write my fiction.

I suffer without my writing.  I won’t say it’s like air or anything cheesy or melodramatic, but I definitely get in a foul mood when the pen fails to meet paper.  I start stalking around the house, glaring at the clock, and in general become that horror you see on late night scare flicks.  Almost that bad, really.

But I am going on vacation now.  My flight leaves in a few hours and I must say it’s a relief that Jon wrested my laptop out of my arms.  What am I left to do now but sip pina coladas and laze about the beach?

I truly don’t know.


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