Daily Archives: June 6, 2010

Tea Find – Kalahari Organic

As much as I love coffee, I have a bit of a tea obsession.  I like to collect different varieties and brands, drinking them much slower than their rate of purchase to savor the accumulation of comforting future moments.  I drink black or mate when I’m tired, rooibos after dessert, and an herbal tisane before bed.  I also make my own herbals out of mint and chamomile and rose hips in the garden.  Still, I can’t get enough. 

I recently discovered Kalahari’s line of Chocolattes, specifically Raspberry Latte, and let me say if I wasn’t on vacation, I would’ve tossed more than one of each in my cart.   They looked delightful: Hazelnut Mocha, Matcha Mint.  To my surprise the Raspberry Latte tasted exactly as one would expect: a hint of ripe red berry, a smooth undercurrent of rich dark cacao melted with slight sweetness of rooibos.  It’s divine with a bite of dark chocolate or as a complement to dessert.  Their other teas sound wonderful too: Highlands Honey, Limpopo Lemon, Zambezi Red Chai.

Which leads to the question: where to get it?  I’ll be scouring my local grocery store soon but with my predilection maybe online ordering is the best option.  The tea comes in individually wrapped sachets and they offer a special discount for bulk orders.  Purchase 6 boxes of a flavor and get $3 off your order total.  Teavana, I’m whispering but you just might have a competitor.