Daily Archives: July 4, 2010

Garden Variety Finds

My idea of fine summer living in the country is an equation of simplicity: freshly squeezed lemonade, a lazy evening in the hammock, a philosophical book in hand.  It’s the time of year when I spend more time in the garden than in the kitchen, when errands in the city are forgotten or ignored, and visiting sterile air conditioned malls is like eating canned peas when fresh are 100 feet away.   Much preferred are the farmer’s market, open doored boutiques, and flea markets.  Second that, online shopping on cool nights with the sultry air breezing through the windows is pretty darned nice.  If I weren’t on a spending moratorium, this is exactly what I’d buy:

By Countess Elizabeth Von Armin.  First published in 1898, this chronicle of an English Garden in a German climate is part witty memoir, part languid gardening affair.  She affectionately refers to her husband as “The Man of Wrath” which is reason enough to scour ebay for this classic.  The beautiful book above is offered on shopgoodwill.com for auction through July 7th.

Dedeetsyshop’s interpretation of a coral hyrangea in felt on white linen.  Gorgeous.

I can see myself in this dress, kicking back on a blue blanket in the grass.  It’s a little graphic, a little outdoorsy, crisp in white and purple.  The surprising part?  Find it on the new-agey site Pyramid Collection.    While you’re there make sure to browse the accessories.  They sometimes have stellar finds.  You can also find renaissance fair garb here if you’re so inclined.