Dress Me! 18th century Girly Garb

The glamour, the elegance, but man, oh, man, the work. I complain about my dressing abulations in the 21st century when at most this involves a dress, tights, boots, and accessories. But these ladies? How horrifying. No wonder they had little time for pursuits outside fashion.

Youtube has some great videos about getting dressed 18th century style. I particularly like the opening of Dangerous Liasons, which shows an aristo’s morning routine for both a man and a woman.

This video gives a nice, if general, overview from shift to the whole shebang.

And last, but not least, these drawings are amateur, but pretty wonderful. I particularly like 0:06, 0:16, 0:46 (the redingote), and 0:54 (notice the belt and the grey/yellow. Love it.) Some of them are quite Georgiana Cavendish.

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