Francois Boucher, Pompadour, and The Four Seasons

François Boucher was the most prolific French painter of his time.  Beloved by the Marquise de Pompadour, whom he painted numerous times, his works include oil paintings, Beauvais tapestry designs, reproductions on porcelain, and the now obsolete decorations for festivities at Versailles.

The Four Seasons, below, were once believed to have commissioned forLouix XV’s favored mistress to display in chateau at Crecy.  Now, they are suspected to have been created by Boucher for an unknown patron, although they belonged to her at the time of her death in 1764.  They were then bequeathed to her brother, who sold them in 1782.  Today they are a part of the permanent art collection at the Frick Museum, New York.  Rumor has it, Pompadour is the woman in winter.





To see The Four Seasons at their Frick home, see this video by NY public media.


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