More on Pandora Dolls

A few posts ago I blogged about pandoras, those exquisite little fashion dolls so essential to 18th century style.  Well, I found a website where you can acquire one of your own, albeit modernly made, but none the less fabulous  They are inspired by a mixture period drawings, actual garments, and Queen Anne Style wooden dolls. 

A great gift for the 18th century connoisseur or doll collector in your life.  Visit Susan Parris’ site to check out the dolls.


2 thoughts on “More on Pandora Dolls

  1. Your site is most interesting. Congratulations.
    I am a doctoral student in Economic History, and am now writing about the early Consumer Society in the 18th century. I would be very obliged to you if you could tellme where I could get a picture of an English Fashion Doll of that period (NOT a French Fashion doll)

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Kind regards

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