Jewelry inspired by Marie Antoinette

If only I was paid in euros…

C’est magnifique, non?

Created for the 250th anniversary of M.A.’s birth (2005), these bow earrings from boutqiuemusee conjure up a delightful theme in jewelry from the 18th century:  whimsical, elegant, and yet somehow still reminiscent of childhood.  I’m hooked, especially since my mother, with her undying fashion sense, gifted my five-year-old self  a bow necklace before I even discovered Marie Antoinette liked cake.  Imagine that.

Now, if you think you’ve seen these before, it’s because you probably have.  In The Duchess, Georgiana wears a similarly fabulous pair.  Lucky for us, this particular style of girlish glamour has inspired designers like Betsy Johnson and Vivienne Westwood, the former of which is very, very affordable for us non-duchess types.

I’m coveting this beautiful bow bracelet, a cheeky way to adorn your wrist:

And this necklace, which I might be compelled to buy right after finishing this post!

 These Vivienne Westwood Tiny Diamante Studs are pretty nice too!


2 thoughts on “Jewelry inspired by Marie Antoinette

  1. Hi, just wondering can you tell me how this jewellery is inspired by marie antoinette? is it seen in a painting? thanks rosie

    1. Certainly, Rosie. As stated in the post, the jewelry was created for the 250th birthday of Marie Antoinette. Along with the Duchess of Devonshire, Antoinette was a pioneer of style and had an affection for bows. She used whimsical designs on her clothing, in her hair, and for her jewelry. Eschelle stomachers (bows running along the bodice) were popular in the mid to late C18 and eventually migrated to other parts of a lady’s ensemble. Antoinette was painted in these many times.

      Here’s MA as a young girl rocking the bows
      And another of the middle aged MA

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