Ode to Bad Romance

During my friend Abby’s last visit, we were sitting around flipping through some romance novels, looking all serious and contemplative as though we were reading Dostoyevsky, until all of a sudden, I couldn’t stop cackling. I had been thrust into the “the love scene.”

Don’t get me wrong. These passionate interludes can be erotic and scintillating (and oftentimes are) but they can also induce clutching-your-stomach-while-crying hysterics. I’ve never stopped reading a book in objection to a love scene or amusement over what it entailed, but I have found myself randomly texting to share the latest and greatest.  Electric bolts of quivering sheaths and twitching members come to mind, but lucky for you, there’s already a site ribbing romance novels with bad (subjectively bad!) sex quotes.

I stumbled across Uncle Walter’s Bad Romance Novel Quotes yesterday and I know, I know, from the cheesy covers to the sometimes dubious plots, the genre endures enough brow raises, but this collection of quotes is hilarious. And hey, even writers of romance need to heckle themselves once in a while.

4 thoughts on “Ode to Bad Romance

  1. The covers alone are worth their existing. They are so laughable but, if you stare long enough, you hear a voice whisper something intensely sexual in your ear.

    Something like, “Sex it up.” or “baby baby….” or whatever.

    1. Agreed. Romance covers are great cheeseball art. The groin thrust to a lady’s bare shoulder always does it for me!

      1. The art is a specialty unto itself, worthy of both respect and being mocked. While the quotes have always been my personal favorite of our sites, the covers are usually our most popular.

        BTW, thanks for the mention! We hope you continue to enjoy our site!

        The Wife (from The Uncle Walter’s Adventures)

      2. Enjoy your site? I love your site!

        Thanks for coming over here and leaving a comment. It’s always nice to hear from the admins.

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