Winter on the Russian Steppes

A few things I’m feeling in anticipation of reading works by dead russian writers

Anthropologie Andrick Coat, Plenty by Tracy Reese

Kiev Caroler Ornament, Natasha 

If I had a kindle, I’d have to buy this from Britgaldesigns.  So cute!

Church on Spilled Blood Print by AlenovPhotography

I’ve seen a lot of churches but nothing this fairy tale!

The Snow Queen, a quintessential Russian cartoon (1 of 7)


2 thoughts on “Winter on the Russian Steppes

  1. In 1685, around the completion of Versailles “Moscow struck one Western traveler as the most ‘beautiful city in the world,’ an urban feast topped by hundreds of gold-crusted domes and a sea of glistening crosses that surmounted the treetops. Unlike the stone and marble of its European counterparts, Moscow was a city hewn from wood; even the streets themselves were planked with timber, not trampled down or paved with stone. Also unlike anything in the Western world was the somber medieval citadel of Russian power, the Kremlin, which imbued the city with an exotic mystery.” From “The Great Upheaval” Author: Jay Winik.

    That passage really struck me… imagining the FEELING of a city of wood versus a city of stone.

    1. I agree, intriguing passage. Wood = warmth and I imagine that lends a quality to Russia’s cold climate cities that is much needed. Stone always looks cold, never mind that it usually is. I live in Minnesota. I so get this! Now I have to go look up this “Great Upheaval” book you are referencing. . .

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