Daily Archives: January 14, 2011

Antoinette-esque fabric

So recently my kindle arrived (a device which I unbelievably, ecstatically love) and as I have been eyeing etsy kindle covers for weeks, and my kind, dear mother lent me her pricey sewing machine, I decided to give it a whirl.  This brings me back to childhood, of course, where my mother would patiently direct me in how to properly assemble projects and when she wasn’t looking I would (to hell with the planning!) launch straight into the sewing.  Needless to say, patience isn’t one of my foremost virtues, though I have tempered my atrocious sense of immediacy over the years which leads me to the present where I conceived a grand idea of sewing myself a kindle case.  And, if that last sentence is any indication, my terrible use of run on sentences.  But I digress.

I spent hours shopping online for the perfect 18th century fabric.

I skimmed the various how-tos.  Easy peasy.

My mother insists sewing will soon become as simple as tying my shoes blindfolded, but I’m what I like to call a recovering perfectionist (read: crazy).  Not only do I want it done in the next five minutes, I want it done with some level of skill. 

All in all, I’d say the project turned out pretty well except for having to manhandle the layers of cushioning felt.  The fabric I selected is very fun masked cameos with a modern color twist.  Marie Antoinette’s La Belle-Poule coiffure even made an appearance.  Lovely.  I also did get the opportunity to cackle when my husband, who’d been surreptitously listening to me blaspheme while my mother alternately scolded me and harrumphed, to hear that we were just like his father and his father’s brother, two endearing curmudgeons arguing over how to best weld.   Some things never change.

 If you’re interested in the fabric it’s called Tula Pink Parisville Cameo Mist from Fabric.com and comes in four or so colors, among them magenta and green.  I’ll post my fabulous kindle case after the weekend once I put the finishing touches of a velvet ribbon and a flowery button on it, but I’m also thinking this fabric would make some fun pillows for my office.  I’ll get around to that eventually but in the meantime I’d love to see some sample fabrics in any quasi 18th century style.  Have any suggestions?