Madame Tussaud Giveaway

Since it’s Monday and I’ve been a little light on posts lately, I thought I’d pass along a giveway for an exciting new book, Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran.  Histficchick is putting it on and also throwing in a cheeky pair of Eat Cake Marie Antoinette earrings so  hurry on over and enter!  You have until 11:59 PST on Friday, April 1st to sign up for your chance to win.

In case the name sounds familiar, Madame Tussaud is indeed the wax sculptress who founded the famous wax works musuem.  The details of Tussaud’s long life are fascinating:  entre into Versailles and the court of Louis XIV, survivor of the French Revolution, travelling businesswoman, and much, much more.  The novel spans the years of 1788-1794, amidst France’s tumultous time of the storming of the Bastille, the imprisonment and beheading of the royal family, and the birth of the Republic.

Devotees of Marie Antoinette will also appreciate the doomed queen’s appearance as the review for publisher’s weekly states Antoinette  “in particular becomes a surprisingly dimensional figure rather than the fashionplate, spendthrift caricature depicted in the pamphlets of her times.” 

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