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Marie Antoinette in Anime

I am not a fan of anime, or rather I should say, I have not been exposed to anime enough to consider myself a fan, but count me in!  Just when I thought I had exhausted stories regarding Marie Antoinette, here I find she’s been romping around as a cartoon character since 1973.  It’s too lovely to describe.

The plot of The Rose of Versailles follows the sword-wielding Lady Oscar who happens to be the daughter of General Jarjayes (an actual historical figure).  Disappointed with his lack of sons, Jarjayes trains Oscar in the martial arts.  She eventually becomes Commander of the Palace Guard.  Tasked with protecting the royal family, she has an insider’s view into court scandals, including the queen’s supposed affair with Count Axel Fersen, the Affair of the Necklace, and Antoinette’s friendship with Madame de Polignac.

Fortunately for us Antoinette fanatics, The Rose of Versailles has been so wildly successful as manga that it’s been adapted into the French movie “Lady Oscar,” musicals, and a television series. Plenty of options to explore!

Watch the English subtitled television episodes here.

If you want to watch the movie, it’s hard to find.  The quality is not great, but youtube does have it.