Daily Archives: August 31, 2011

Eugenio Recuenco’s C18 Photographs

In my search for all things 18th century Spain, I found these lovelies.  Eugenio Rencueno, a Spanish photographer, creates such evocative images its hard to pull your eyes away.  The lady below is a refreshing change for duels, quite the Julie D’Aubigny, but I believe her posture requires improving.  Either that, or she’s ridiculously confident and plans to tag and bag this fellow in the next few seconds.  One has to wonder, however, what these foolish seconds are thinking by standing so close . . .

Violin Diaspora is also great.  The raggedy fur trimming on the lady’s gown is just fabulous, but what is her violin bow doing to her attendant?  I like how these photos have cheek and plenty of it.