If This Were The 18th Century: Madonna’s Superbowl Half-Time Performance

I was planning on featuring this Madonna performance in an entirely different post, but it’s too tempting now that she performed “Vogue” at the Superbowl.  She’s stunningly perfect with her platinum pouf, darkened brows, and beauty patch near the eye (signifying passion).  Very Madame Pompadour.  And like Madonna at her best, she makes it all look naughty.

Curious about patches?  See To Patch or Not to Patch

2 thoughts on “If This Were The 18th Century: Madonna’s Superbowl Half-Time Performance

  1. Amazing to think that Madonna is 53, 11 years older than Madame de Pompadour was at her death. Yet the paintings of Madame de Pompadour in her last years show her as a heavier, older woman, albeit a graceful one; far older than Madonna appears today. Amazing still that the kindness of the painters of the day would politely shave more years off than modern makeup can provide for Madonna today. Just an opinion.

    1. Madonna is in wicked shape. She looks great, no doubt. Like Pompadour though, I think she had a little help in maintaining her youthful appearance. That’s not a knock. I can’t imagine a celeb neglecting to manage image. Disaster. C18 ladies certainly did it. Now, if only we could see the destroyed paintings . . .

      I shudder to think what some of the reigning C18 beauties looked like after the ravages of age, inadequate medical treatment, and plain old indulgence. I’m sure the painters who flattered their patrons got the most repeat commissions.

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