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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award  by the generous and kind Laura Purcell at her eponymous blog Laura Purcell | Historical Fiction, Georgian Style.  If you’re interested in Georgian history and the writing life, her blog is worth a look (and a linger!)

Receivers of the Very Inspiring Blog Award have to tell you seven things about themselves and nominate seven other blogs.

So without further ado. . .

Seven  Totally Random & Unimportant Things  About Yours Truly

1) I’ve snorkeled with sharks and barracuda, ridden an Indian elephant, snowmobiled over a mountain pass, and been covered neck to toe in leeches.  Outdoorsy adventure—and its occasional mishaps—thrill me to no end.  I get downright twitchy if I spend too much time indoors.

2) Pinarellos and curvy black roads are my idea of dreamy.  If I slack off blogging in July, it’s because I’m watching three hours of television daily, marveling over the enviable athleticism in the Tour de France and waiting for the mountain stage attacks.  Yes, readers, I am a cycling nut.

3) I’m a classic INFJ and a libra.

4) I listen to TED Talks when I’m doing the dishes or the laundry.  Somehow, instead of glaring resentfully at housekeeping chores like I used to, I now (almost) look forward to cleaning.  This week I enjoyed Sherry Turkle’s thought provoking Connected, but Alone? and Brian Goldman’s stark honesty in Doctors Make Mistakes.  Can We Talk about That?

5) I have three gardens and am working on the fourth this summer.  I also have garden books full of future projects and keep a yearly garden journal (so nerdy, I know!).  Suffice it to say, life will be done with me before I am done with my gardens.

6) I like to laugh.  In fact, there’s almost nothing I like more than laughing.

7) I’m now one of those annoying people that begin sentences with “Did you know in the 18th century . . . ” My friends and family strongly encourage anybody likeminded to chat me up on the blog and on Twitter (and, for that matter, Pinterest, email, and by any means possible . . . ) as it will hopefully divert this unfortunate development away from them.

Seven Blog Nominations

The blogs I’m nominating comprise an eclectic list with a tendency toward history.  They are all fabulous.  Enjoy!

1) Jami Gold: Jami is a thoughtful, friendly author who always has something insightful to say about the writing life.  And I’m always listening.

2) The Historic Foodie: All this blogging makes me hungry and Victoria dishes up two of my favorite things: history and food.

3) Grub Street Lodger: Adam makes me want to read 18th century books I’m convinced I don’t have time to read.  But it appears I do.  His reviews alone are great reads.

4)  The Quack Doctor: Caroline’s posts on patent remedies from history never cease to amuse me.  If you’re curious about past uses of medicine and enjoy cosmetic adverts, this blog will tickle you.

5) Visiting Houses & Gardens: Robin visits places I must travel thousands of miles to see and—wait for it—provides itineraries!  This is where I get my English house fix.

6) Titillating Tidbits about the Life and Times of Marie Antoinette:  Leah’s blog is a must for lovers of the tragic queen and the French Revolution.

7) Pauline’s Pirates and Privateers:  Because Pauline writes about pirates and pirates are awesome.