Shadow Fire Lady Book Release

Shadow Fire Lady Cover


Dearest readers,

If you read romance or fancy you know someone who would delight in an 18th century romp, I invite you to check out my debut novel, Shadow Fire Lady.  It’s officially on sale today, and I’m very pleased to offer you the book related goodies in short order.  You may:

  • Read the blurb
  • Watch the book trailer
  • Wander on over to my newly minted author website where you’ll find an excerpt of Shadow Fire Lady, a biography of yours truly, and news about the series.  I’ve also added purchase links to the blog’s upper sidebar and a link to my author site to make everything super easy to find.  When the links go live on iBookstore, Kobo, Sony, etc. I’ll throw those up as well.
Beyond my book related news, ladies and gents, it’s back to the 18th century around here.  Rest assured, this Georgian portal will not turn into a promotional blog about my books.  Oh, no.  An announcement and we’re back to all things tart and titillating.  That said, thank you for reading my news and, if you’d like to pass along the book announcement, thanks for that, too!


Love can be the wickedest lie. . .

Ryland Gryffnd, the Earl of Hawthorne, thoroughly enjoys his notorious reputation.  Sure, his idle glance sends young ladies fleeing and matrons to vapors, but as the most powerful Incorporeal shifter in London, the city’s darkest pleasures are his for the taking.  Yet no hunger thrills quite like it used to—until a bewitching French beauty convinces him that some temptations are worth the chase.

. . . or the sweetest surrender.

For the bold but impoverished émigré Thea d’Argente, fortune is a hunter’s game.  Gifted with an uncanny ability to thieve memories and a decidedly agile mind toward marriage, she finds her worthiest mark in the scandal-ridden Lord Hawthorne.  He’s rich and unshackled, and when he mistakes her for the ghost of his murdered lover, she’s determined to pursue the mad gentleman at all costs.

What she doesn’t expect is to risk her heart–or her life in the bargain.




I also have a new Facebook author page. If you are inclined to be a) friendly b) charitable c) maybe both, feel free to like me here or by clicking ‘like’ on my blog sidebar. As always, I am indebted to all of you wonderful readers.


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