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The Lemon Guide, Review Policy & More

Japanese Zen Garden in Portland, Oregon
Japanese Zen Garden in Portland, Oregon

Until recently I didn’t understand Japanese zen gardens.  The raking, the bare-bones simplicity — what did they offer compared with profusions in bloom and colors slamming into the senses?  Where was the glorious disarray of nature’s genius?  Japanese gardens were about sparseness, control, and concentration, and I relished rambling cottage chaos.

I used to be the same way about labeling and using organization systems (the word systems still makes me shudder).  I thought of it as dullness multiplied, but it’s really dullness subdued.  What I mean by that is, it takes a looong time to find things which aren’t at one’s fingertips.  If there’s no system, then one must rely on the cranial database which is prone to a) locking up at whim b) spitting out information three days after it’s desired and c) generally failing to execute concise, retrievable neuro-filing.

Save that there’s a search function–without pretty pictures and that is of little help if you’re browsing for enjoyment–blogs are no different.   The old posts don’t get read , and one post gets stacked on another post indefinitely.   Don’t even get me started on monthly archives:  *scrolls, scrolls, scrolls*  Gar!  Why have I just wasted 10 minutes scrolling? Gar!

To prevent such problems, I created a linked page called The Lemon Guide, partly for my sometimes dull elf self and partly for your ability to easily explore the site (or just find typos in old posts).  It’s mostly alphabetical and sorted by topic, and I hope you’ll find it more useful than archives.  I’ve also excised all  filler posts like announcements, awards, etc. so you don’t have to tramp over posts like this one.

You’ll also notice a review policy next to the guide page.  This should help clear up any queries from writers/publishers.  It also has a quick contact form.

Georgian Ladies by Patricia Beykrat

The last bit of news I have is in plain sight, but it’s worth pointing out.  What is that lovely image you see?  Behold my beautiful new header with Georgian ladies on it (with the full size drawing on my author website).  The work is by the multi-talented Madame de Pique, otherwise known as Patricia Beykrat.    I’m interviewing her on the blog this Friday to celebrate the release of her novella Vicious, so be sure to stop back!