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Fire, meet Night Robe

Fires have always been a hazard, especially when flames are situated alarmingly close to one’s bed (not to mention the poor cat who really ought to know better).  I’ve come across a number of these prints, and the theme of foolish ladies seems to be a favorite–I’ve yet to see a gentleman scorched, but here’s to hoping.

In this 1789 print, Fragonard’s unfortunate miss has found her bottom smoking in the middle of the night and her lady friends don’t seem much help.  Apart from the bosomy lady in bed, the ladies appear amused.  Rather than pouring a pitcher of water on the lady, it’s gone splashing on the floor.  Oh, dear. That might leave a mark.


Ma Chemise Brûlée by Auguste-Claude-Simon Legrand, after Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1789)