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18th Century Costume Archives: Sophie Myles as Madame de Pompadour

From “The Girl in the Fireplace” on Doctor Who.

Interestingly, this sack-back gown was worn by Helen Mirren in The Madness of King George, Jodhi May in the Aristocrats, and by extras in Brotherhood of the Wolf and The Affair of the Necklace.  It has long engageantes (false ruffled sleeves) and in this incarnation, three brooches down the stomacher’s center. 

I’ve decided it might be fun to post a regular series of women’s period piece costumes and gowns, maybe throw a few men’s articles in, too, if the suit proves interesting.  I’m thinking Wednesdays and Saturdays, a short snippet of pertinent costume information with a picture.   Tell me if you have any suggestions!

7 Kiss Scenes to Heat Up…Your Writing

Stumped on how to write a moving kissing scene? Here are 7 types to get the juices flowing. Just don’t end up drooling on your own hand while, ahem, “practicing”! And remember, one of the best parts about writing is involving one’s partner (or if dealing with a lack thereof, an unassuming friend, a random and willing stranger, hell, maybe even your neighbor’s garden gnome) in research. Hey, honey . . .

The Kisses

1.  The angsty, “I’ve loved you so long, but wanted you longer,” kiss.  Also known as, “You might be dating my brother, but in another life I was dating you, and damn, I think I just stopped caring.”

2.  What do you get when you combine a fragile, doe-eyed girl human with a boy-rock-band-bodied vamp?  The “I don’t want to hurt you, I want to eat you, but no! we can’t . . . can’t . . . can’t . . . oh, yes!” kiss.  P.S. Ms. Meyer, I know you’re writing for teens, but I can’t help it.  When Bella and Edward’s sexual tension explodes and you fade to black, I’m holding that against you.  Kinky creatures that they are, I don’t think vampires would approve and I don’t either!

3.  In short, ugly girl Penelope becomes a swan, but Scottish guy already thought she was beautiful, pig nose and all.  Ah, sweet.  No, spicy!  I could be wrong here, but I think James McAvoy can kiss with the best of them. 

 4.  The “I’m drenched, you’re drenched, and we’re so mercurial together, the weather’s mimicking our mood” kiss.  Pride and Prejudice, you get the award for the hottest kiss that wasn’t. 

5. The passionately angry, long time coming kiss.  Summarized as:

Allie:    “I waited for seven years! Now it’s too late.”

Noah:   “It wasn’t over.   It’s still not over.” 

Me: Swoon

Click to watch video

6.  The fated and mated kiss.  Who would’ve thought animations could be hot?

7.  The slightly subversive meets secret yearnings kiss. As somebody wrote on the youtube comments, “Why can’t that be my leg?!”  Bittersweet, tender, and yet sizzling.  Now that’s my style.

Know of any scintillating kiss scenes that set the bar high? Do share! I’d love to hear about which ones you find memorable and romantic.

Dear (my hot vampire) diary

Ooh, the return of season one of The Vampire Diaries begins this Thursday and I must say I’m excited! Ridiculously so! I adore the brotherly conflict. Familial hate seems so much more powerful than other varieties and with that natural competitive streak, I think brothers are the worst. Plus, the romance between Stefan and Elena is swoonworthy.

Bye bye two month hiatus! I’m ready for the latest clip for “Bloodlines” featuring Damon and Elena

Update: Clip no longer available.  Boo-hoo.